I told father and things came flowing out of our red front door
my laundry, my clothes, my shoes, my toothbrush
my piggy bank, with fingers shoved in and out of it,
a candy bar, a bag of rice, fish sauce
a rice paddle, a picture of grandma
on mommy’s side
had mommy’s same exact smile
people often ask: have you ever seen a grown man cry
like it’s a heart-wrenching rarity
but I’ve seen a grown man cry
and can’t help but notice
how tears and sweat and spit become one


Melanie Ho [filmmaker | writer] is currently a 4th year undergraduate student at Princeton. She wants to explore her identities through writing, and she aims to center the stories of those who are often found on the margins. Some of her other work can be found in HEArt Online and Calamus Journal.