Miriam Borgstrom | Triptych with Missing Limb

Triptych with Missing Limb


the overweight cannibals feed every fortnight
the children frolic on our scalps
this knocking is not a verb
this silverware dances to get our attention
the women come trotting into the oven
the trembling eye sockets
we walk towards our shadows
or we break the line



the freshly squeezed children
the women slither through piles of broken feet
this rhythm of being trampled by elephants
the empty womb is full of empty children
a push down the stairs is often criticized
the long black hair is immediately golden
we push faces into beards
we will sing and we will eat what we sing



Miriam Borgstrom is a thirteen-year-old homeschooler from Las Vegas. She has been writing poetry nearly every day since she was eight. She loves rock climbing and avocados.