Jordan Pérez

There is the most powerful species named johnnycashi, and his hooks there to restrain our fangs during sex.

Asiya Gaildon

As a child, I often felt as if my body was sinking. I don’t get this so much anymore, but then, it was real bad. I’d sit on the couch, and my heart would drop, my stomach would drop, and my feet would grow cold. My parents thought that American sensibilities made me an anxious child; perhaps the luxuries of sugary cereal and school clubs were detrimental.

Sarah Panlibuton Barnes

On a summer night after my father did or did not die, I sit with the boys at night on the lakeshore across the highway from my house.

George Abraham

i want to write about the blueberries i picked from the throat of a New England fall afternoon; how my hands plucked each branch like a familiar melody.

Angie Sijun Lou

Back in your bedroom there was still a snoutless rat and a dishwasher filled with styrofoam plates.

Naima Coster

It was nothing more to me than a mantra, and I didn’t see then that the motto was the invention of a school run nearly entirely by black women—teachers, school safety officers, the principal and assistant principal—designed to help us, we hundreds of black and brown children, to affirm our own dignity, while we were young, while school still served as a kind of shield, however insufficient, from the rest of the city, its hard facts and violence.

MK Chavez

The tale of rendered object / as broken & saturated edifice. / It is possible to be hysterically / & historically blind.

Stephanie Wong Ken

Jim works in roofing and is missing digits on both hands. He strips down, and bends over the soft edge of the La-Z-Boy. He points to a long metal panel on the coffee table, stamped on one side with a seal that says “Val-U Homes”. I imagine the metal edge grazing his fingers, blood leaching into his work jeans. Pam positions herself in front of Jim. I grip the metal with both hands and hit his bare ass with the panel.

Raena Shirali

to burning—if i light the sari on the clothesline—if there are many saris hung hem to hem—if they pass the flame like an infant : hem to hem—