Ashley Opheim | Poetry


I am sucking on pearls and
roasting pears on my body.

the vibrant splendour
of lilac season is
fleeting as a love affair

leaves me lush and violent.

you buy me 3 Subway cookies
and while sucking the butter out of them
I wonder how I can trust a culture
that manufactures idols?

we eat the cookies in a flurry
of dandelion fluff and sugar
seeds like wishes to the wind.

we steal an orange shopping cart
from the parking lot
of Home Depot
to carry something
heavy home.

thinking is such a quiet act.
it’s impossible to tell
if anyone is thinking in this empire
or not and about what.

this season I am carefully observing
that experience is separate
from writing and
that writing is separate
from feeling
and that feeling is separate
from being
and that experience is an infinite affair.

my inner work is a quiet industry.

my thirst for freedom
a longing for a life without fear
for my self and others.

I wish I could show the world all the
love inside of my heart
because it is so heavy
to hold so much and show
so little.



Ashley Opheim [Ashley Obscura] is a poet, editor, publisher and performer based in Montreal, Quebec. She is the founder and managing editor of Metatron Press. Her writing has been translated into Spanish and Romanian.