People keep talking about Jupiter
from the bottom. Power is

the eyes of gravity. Better never
to have met
a mirror
than to do the work of knowing
there is at least one in every family
of rooms.

I am less girl than most days
flawed undergir(d)(l)ing:

when I say I want my pussy
to be the last thing you see
before you die

I am promising to move
to Oregon with you
before we are done
fucking forever
so we can
both decide exactly when

to kiss off. If we can speak
plainly let us say
we have died
unmillion times
already. This leotard is brief

when I die cover
my final and only mirror
with a sewn stratum
of opaque control top pantyhose


RE Katz is interested in the poem as spell, as disposable, as commodity, as board game, as synth video, as kink, as rosary. They are into giving gifts.