Robin Richardson | Poetry


This morning’s pink ass. Last night’s sadist.
.*….Suppose he came to know me as he wrote
in Sharpie on my belly: whore, or heroine,
…*..or both. I’m no good at sleeping. High-strung
in a hurricane of public access broadcasts
…*..while the city’s men parade their bulges
on the F train waiting to be licked
…*..back into living. This is how a book begins:
protagonist unburdened by her husband
…*..blunders through the belly of a whale.
One day she’ll emerge imperfect,
..*…picturesque as childhood hallucinations.



Robin Richardson is the author of two collections of poetry, and is Editor-in-Chief at Minola Review. Her work is forthcoming in POETRY, and has appeared in Tin House, Arc, The North American Review, and Hazlitt, among others. She holds an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Richardson’s latest collection, Sit How You Want, is forthcoming with Véhicule Press. Poems from the collection have been adapted to song by composer Andrew Staniland for The Brooklyn Art Song Society.