my father dresses up big to go to work
to grant asylum to Krishna Roca

she’s going to be deported

but he spits into the judge’s face
either that or he talked sense

her family comes crying to him afterwards

spilling their brown limbs all over
as if to say thank you as if
to say thank you white man
you are justice you are godly

he gives a legal speech
in the First Baptist Church of Manasquan
collecting mole and flautas
after the show

he goes to the prison
where they call him Ángel Abogado
a white man who speaks perfect Spanish
has come to rescue them

he dismantles his body
to pass through metal detector
clicking, exasperating itself
under the metallic sheen of lithograph lights

the detention center is filled with no one, they say
en la tierra de dios the united states
stands shaking

the detention center is filled with everyone, he says
……….makes them noble
……….stand taller bring
……….my kids here too

they owe their life to him now,
my father, the ángel of america

Sara Munjack is an MFA candidate at Rutgers-Newark and works at The Academy of American Poets. She has poems published in Gandy Dancer and ISO Magazine. Her work is forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue, BOAAT and Pigeon Pages.