The arrival, a mottled orange of honey and fig
       Oh Lord, did I drink all of the season in one swig?
There is a joy of elasticity in the month of March

       That rings a pitch between mad summer and grief
Listen, I thought I knew the difference between
       Loneliness and solitude till I saw my image 

In the mirror, my glass self asking my flesh self
       Hey, why don’t you take yourself less seriously?
Since then, I’ve been binging stand ups on Netflix

       Flashing my yellow teeth every time someone tripped
I’m not expecting spring to bring joy, how can I
       When I can’t bring myself to step out of bed & skin

But I love the idea of weather affecting dispositions
       The biosphere controlling temperatures in our blood
For this is proof how the still greening fruit in my orchard 

       Is in a way linked to the flaking of my skin
Tracing the circuit, somewhere a bird hums on the wire
       And God thrums in a pocket beside its tiny heart

He knows, it’s the best spot to watch the world throb
       Inside the house, I remain a possibility of revival
I know it’s not too long before I return unembarrassed

       A hand’s cloud holding the door ajar, a twinkling star
Glowing, surfacing through the mist of breath every time
       Someone new, someone strange passed through

SATYA DASH‘s recent poems have been published or are forthcoming in Passages North, Prelude, The Florida Review, Pidgeonholes, New Mexico Review amongst others. He spent his early years in Odisha, India and has a degree in electronics from BITS Goa. He has dabbled with short fiction in the past and been a cricket commentator. Now he lives in Bangalore and recites his poetry in the city’s cafes. He tweets @satya043.