Celebrating four years of online publishing (in print!)

We are excited to announce that our first ever anthology is available for pre-order! We think of our website as a living, breathing anthology. So, here, you will find a collection of work preserving our first four years and our contributions to the visibility of underrepresented voices. All proceeds will go towards our goal to start paying our contributors. 

Featuring: George Abraham / Kristen Arnett / Colette Arrand / Derrick Austin / Adèle Barclay / Sarah Panlibuton Barnes / Frankie Barnet / Kay Ulanday Barrett / Jayinee Basu / Chase Berggrun / Destiny O. Birdsong / Keith J. Castillo / MK Chavez / CAConrad / Naima Coster / Dana Curtis / Erica Dawson / Jayy Dodd / Natalie Eilbert / Megan Fernandes / Valerie Hsiung / Steph Wong Ken / Aram Kim / Stephon LawrenceT Kira Madden / JR Mahung / Monica Mcclure / Eileen Myles / Vi Khi Nao / Diana Khoi Nguyen / José Olivarez / Tommy Pico / Raquel Salas Rivera / Cason Sharpe / Mahreen Sohail / Talin Tahajian / Rachelle Toarmino / Zoe Tuck / Saba Waheed / Candace Williams / Emily Jungmin Yoon 

Est Ship Date: 06/1/19