on second thought i tried something that was not. i brought my camera thinking i would take beautiful pictures, it was a place to take beautiful pictures. i felt a need to try and capture these.  capture something through the lens of a camera that wasn’t there. absences. ignoring underneath. look through a lens instead, like a binocular, try and find something else, find them even in a tiny hummingbird, the size of a period on a page, through a lens. snap a photo. i wanted to tell you but i couldn’t, so i took pictures as if to say. they came out. overexposed blues and greens of mountains crayonic. thought snapped the perfect moment but then hand to scratch nose. it was all romantic though, just wasn’t to you. suppose it was my mind craved. what is romance anyway? embuement, colouring in anything and everything that reflects, confirms; wonderful, them. so in love themselves. they facet and love it.

TANIS FRANCO is a writer living in Montreal, completing a second Master’s at Concordia University, and has had poetry published at, and forthcoming in Metatron and Contemporary Verse 2.