Ryan Collins | The Internet is Just a Couple of Boxes in Utah



The Internet is Just a Couple of Boxes in Utah   

The internet is just a couple of boxes in Utah—
every summer at Bonneville, land speed records
shatter in the crosshatching of internet signals.
What’s left of the Howard Hughes fortune buried
somewhere in the Silver Island mountains in a cave
last seen hedging bets against the internet’s early
detractors. Though the outcome was lopsided, no
one has shown up on anyone’s behalf to collect on
the bet. The internet forges ahead, its missionaries
out knocking on screens & monitors, books & saints
in hand, rain or sleet or snow. What’s being sent at
light-speed is not proofread or proven with care, not
within an eyelash of the truth. Meanwhile the internet
starts & stops the stopwatches, tracking our every move.