tck, tck, click, tck, click, tck, click

Areeee youuuu rea- rea- ready?
Se- se- setty?

Go go go!
Labor labor!

Little girl leaps
Into the rhythm of the thing

Sun soft squint
Beads belt elsewhere songs

Rope collides with floor
She falls to grace

Little girl me

Jagged edged
Left feets

Crooked turns
To the pulse of desire

Her Cocoanut hair shimmer
Concrete & flesh & sweat

Stomach, my my, butterflies

TIARA AUSTIN is a black femme poet and daughter of Jamaican immigrants. She received her B.A. in Africana Studies and Sociology from Smith College. Tiara is currently completing a fellowship at the Brooklyn Museum in Public Programs. She is writing through what it means to be seized by the sun, or a party, or a lover, or herself. In her downtime, Tiara can be found singing around the house.