Tabs open on your screen right now:
No tabs open.

If you had to brag about yourself:
I will call the 1-800 number for you because I know how much you hate automated voices.

Your writer crush:
Jesse Ball

Any place in the world:
New York City on the first decent spring day, especially if it’s a weekday, early in the morning, on an almost empty sidewalk, after having a good coffee.

What should we know:
Can’t know; won’t know.

Guilty literary pleasure:
No guilt; only pleasure.

Last time you lied:
Today, approximately 1:35 pm EST

The lie:
A woman, after hearing a friend and I discussing where to have lunch, suggested, unprompted, that we go to a Chinese restaurant nearby, to which she gave specific directions. We listened. She seemed very sure that we would go eat lunch there, that she was doing us a favor. We nodded, said thank you, that we would go there. Thank you, we said, again, and once she was gone we confirmed with each other that neither of us had any intention of eating Chinese food for lunch.
CATHERINE LACEY is the author of Nobody Is Ever Missing, The Art of the Affair & the forthcoming novel, The Answers. She lives in Chicago.