Tabs open on your screen right now:

-a novel set in Cyprus
-a journal
– Ali Smith’s talk in accepting the Goldsmith prize
-a bell that rings randomly to remind me of gratitude.

If you had to brag about yourself:
I like to read minds.

Your writer crush:
The minds of James Baldwin, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, Kazuo Ishiguro, ​Don Delillo, Elizabeth Bishop, Toni Morrison, and why not Homer, Rumi, Shakespeare, ​Cervantes, George Eliot, Cavafy, Coetzee, Doris Lessing, and Hannah Arendt, all rolled into one.

Favorite lyric:
When I was a little girl/I wanted everything ideal.

Any place in the world:
Old City, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Best breakfast:
Figs, halloumi, mineral water, ​Cyprus​ coffee.

Favorite online places right now:
Wherever you are.

But also:
The Millions.
The Believer.
Instagram sometimes

Sweetest thing:
Children not eating poisoned cookies.

Your rituals (writing or not):
Considering what rituals (writing or not) to employ.

Least impressive thing about you:
The backseat of my car.

Favorite space to write:
The shed I’m not using.

What should we know:
Everyone has a private utopia.

Guilty literary pleasure:
Every friend’s book surpasses all wisdom known to humanity: I  lack objectivity. Looking forward to THE CAPTIVES by Debra Jo Immergut, not a guilty pleasure, just a new landmark. L​oved and admired PAGES FOR HER and THE FORGETTING TIME.

Best book nobody talks about:
Not Knausgaard. Definitely ​​G. Cabrera Infante’s VIEW OF DAWN IN THE TROPICS. Jennifer Tseng’s MAYUMI AND THE SEA OF HAPPINESS. Machado de Assis EPITAPH OF A SMALL WINNER. Ali Smith’s THERE BUT FOR THE. Anything by RK Narayan. Pankaj Mishra’s THE ROMANTICS. Pedro Juan ​Gutierrez’s DIRTY HAVANA TRILOGY. Lydie Salvayre’s THE COMPANY OF GHOSTS. Anything by Kamila Shamsie. Hilary Plum WATCHFIRES. Gina Berriault’s WOMEN IN THEIR BEDS. Grace Paley’s LITTLE DISTURBANCES OF MAN. Melissa Pritchard’s A SOLEMN PLEASURE. Malcolm Lowry’s UNDER THE VOLCANO. Jill Alexander Essbaum’s HAUSFRAU

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
A woman serving fritters from a trailer in a long-ago Dutch movie.
A woman selling newspapers on a Paris street.
A detective.
A daughter on a ship, reencountering her father.
A woman in a Brooklyn lot.

Last time you lied:
Saying I’d like to be more like John McPhee with a hunter’s capacity to defer writing for a semester on, a semester off.

The lie:
See above.

Question you secretly want to be asked:
What is the biography of shame in your life?

The answer:
The rest of my writing.

Edie Meidav is the author of KINGDOM OF THE YOUNG, a collection of short fiction with a nonfiction coda, as well as these novels: LOLA,CALIFORNIA (FSG); CRAWL SPACE (FSG); THE FAR FIELD: A NOVEL OF CEYLON (Houghton). She is a senior editor at the journal Conjunctions and teaches in the UMass Amherst MFA program.