Tabs open on your screen right now:
PsychologyToday’s therapist directory (I’m searching for a new person after moving back home to Chicago from Boston), “What I Pledge Allegiance To” by Kiese Laymon (started this amazing essay by one of my major influences/inspirations and I need to finish reading it), an interactive map of closed Chicago Public Schools that are either being repurposed or are still for sale (research for an upcoming book project), and the YouTube video of “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan (messaged to me by one of my mentors Krista Franklin late last night as an explanation for how she came up with an amazing piece of art she recently created that I loved, called “To the Limit, to the Wall”).

If you had to brag about yourself:
I wouldn’t dare. Just kidding. I’m super good at parallel parking.

Your writer crush:
There are so many people I know and adore– like for instance I recently shared a residency with Safia Elhillo and listening to her storytelling and tale-spinning day after day was so special– but I think I should use this as an opportunity to shout out someone I don’t know and therefore endear myself to them from afar. So, Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Favorite lyric:
One that has been a recurring theme for me recently is “I became a runner so they couldn’t say ‘she’ll never fly, she don’t have wings,'” which is a line from a Kelis song.

Any place in the world:
Right here.

Best breakfast:
A belgian waffle with grade B maple syrup and a heaping pile of really savory bacon and several bellinis.

Sweetest thing:
I tweeted out that I wanted to see an illustration of Mercury/Hermes but as a black girl and Jon Gray, who is a professional comic book artist, drew one up for me within the day and it was really cool.

Your rituals (writing or not):
Running. Taking baths while listening to Boyz II Men and reading magazines. Carving pumpkins every Halloween. Putting a lot of effort into cooking dinner.

Least impressive thing about you:
my Scrabble game is garbage. Verging on non-existent.

Favorite space to write:
Trident Books, on Newbury Street in Boston. They’re open late, they serve a menu of everything (tater tots, pancakes, turkey sandwiches, tea, beer), they have a lot of outlets, they don’t pester you to keep ordering, and they play movies (often classic 90s movies, scifi, fantasy, animated films… almost always something I love) on silent with the subtitles on.

Guilty literary pleasure:
Guilt is a fruitless emotion. Especially when it comes to literature. Read everything.

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
Most recently, Ra-Ra from the show The Get Down. A resourceful nerd who loves his family and somehow manages to keep his cool friends even though he himself is not so cool.

EVE EWING is an essayist, poet, and editor whose publication credits include Poetry and the New Yorker.