Tabs open on your screen right now:

Deadspin: the story behind the perfect photo of olympic pain
Deadspin: How a career ends: Dominique Moceanu, America’s youngest gold-medal gymnast
Youtube: Kanye West’s CRAZIEST moments
Alice Munro’s “Boys and Girls”
untitled google doc
SU mail
Powelll’s Books

If you had to brag about yourself:
I used to be really flexible

Your writer crush:
Joan Didion

Any place in the world:
the beach

Best breakfast:
chicken fingers

Favorite online places right now:

Sweetest thing:

Your rituals (writing or not):
saying good morning every morning

Least impressive thing about you:
my hygiene

Favorite space to write:

Guilty literary pleasure:
watching tv instead

Best book nobody talks about:
The Other Side of Youth, Kelli Deeth. A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, Eimear McBride

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
Dawn from Welcome to the Dollhouse

Question you secretly want to be asked:
do you want to hang out tonight?

The answer:
Idk, I’m pretty tired

FRANKIE BARNET is the author of An Indoor Kind of Girl (Metatron Press). Her work has appeared in publications such as Joyland, Lemonhound and Papirmasse. She is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at Concordia University, and as of Fall 2016, will pursue her MFA at Syracuse University.