jamie mortara

Tabs open on your screen right now:
okay so i’m a really bad serial tab pinner. here are all my pinned tabs as of today:

Aleatoric music
Sami people
Executive Assistant I(Job Number: 520119)
VOTD: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Without Visual Effects Is Still One Hell Of A Ride
Whoa, ‘Darkwing Duck’ and ‘DuckTales’ Don’t Exist In The Same Universe
The Marvel Symphonic Universe: Why Can’t You Remember A Single Marvel Score?
Synthwave Further Listening for Fans of “Stranger Things”
Random.org Random Number Generator

If you had to brag about yourself:
i’m really cute and sweet and i have a vast knowledge of Star Wars

Your writer crush:
i love Ocean Vuong so much everything write is so moving and ineffable and sublime and gorgeous and i adore them

Favorite lyric:
not really my favorite but something i heard the other day that i loved. from “Golden Era Shower” by Bambu (featuring Drunken Tiger, Ruby Ibarra, Dumbfoundead & Gloc 9):

“Y’all must’ve caught a bad case of dementia / Cause all of this talk about the best in L.A., I ain’t mentioned?”
and “Anyone who got an issue with the line up / You should go find a Go-Fuck-Yourself Club and sign up”

Any place in the world:
that spot by the river i will never share with anyone

Best breakfast:
everything bagel with avocado and lettuce and tomato and bacon

Favorite online places right now:
i read so much Slashfilm it’s ridiculous i also adore Movies With Mikey and Boing Boing and i live on Twitter

Sweetest thing:
my love she throws me like a rubber ball

Your rituals (writing or not):
i like to bike this loop around Portland as often as i can: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/1137041746/

Least impressive thing about you:
my vocabulary is pretty lousy for a poet

Favorite space to write:
i’m terrible at focusing enough at home to write. i usually have to go out for a bike ride and sit down somewhere with coffee and set a timer and force myself to focus. i really like writing in the Coffee Room at Powell’s and i also bounce between Arbor Lodge, the Kenton Library, and Cup Coffee all in North Portland which I call home

What should we know:
life is a shitty rusted-out terrifying sketch-carnival rollercoaster and that’s not gonna change but we can pick good people to sit next to and remember all the twists and turns and drops and figure out where all the cameras are and make goofy faces when we pass them by

Guilty literary pleasure:
i’ve been known to read a lot of really really bad Transformers comics

Best book nobody talks about:
i think i’ve been seeing more and more of my friends post about Richard Brautigan lately but seriously the Revenge of the Lawn collection changed my life and it means so much to me

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
two things that came to mind:

this: http://jamiemortara.com/post/110865128019/this-scene-is-my-everything

and this: http://jamiemortara.com/post/145792839269/tfw-you-realize-youre-pidge-voltron

Last time you lied:
oh jeeze ummmmmm i’ve really gotten out of the habit of “massaging the truth” as Jack Donaghy would say. that being said, it was yesterday ahahah.

The lie:
yesterday i told a prospective employer that i was really excited to work with them. yeah not excited at all but i’m broke.

Question you secretly want to be asked:
which Star Trek film is the best Star Trek film?

The answer:
Galaxy Quest


jamie mortara (they/them/their) is a queer poet and publisher based in Portland, Oregon. they are founder of the audio magazine Voicemail Poems as well as the indie chapbook and zine press Impossible Wings. their debut full-length poetry collection “some planet” is available through YesYes Books with another forthcoming soon. more of jamie’s work can be found at http://jamiemortara.com