Tabs open on your screen right now:
A google doc entitled “BOOK TWO,” this, this, and this.

If you had to brag about yourself:
My balance and sprezzatura in heels.

Your writer crush:
Delmore Schwartz

Favorite lyric:
“You’re a boon / You’re the dam at Boulder / You’re the moon / Over Mae West’s shoulder” –Cole Porter

Any place in the world:
My friend Varun’s kitchen in Berkeley.

Best breakfast:

Favorite online places right now:! Love the crackling work and the beautiful layout and images. Also really excited about our newly launched online platform over at Also, this is a dream.

Sweetest thing:
Letters through the post.

Your rituals (writing or not):
My friend Adrianna has inspired me to me set intentions for the day. You’re supposed to focus on trust, to believe that you don’t have to be so hardheaded to get it all done.

Diary. A page, every day. It’s nice to take the stuff of the day there, that way I’m not writing about my own minutiae when I’m focusing on my work.

Least impressive thing about you:
When I try to tell a joke to my friends and they’re so not used to me being funny they take it at face value. Still trying.

Favorite space to write:
I love Poets House in Battery Park City. So much natural light. So many heroes’ books around.

What should we know:
My first book, Lady Be Good, is out now from Civil Coping Mechanisms.

Guilty literary pleasure:
Gosh, any huge coffee table book with a number in its title, 101 Paintings that Changed the World, 501 Artists who Altered History. The more images the better.

Best book nobody talks about:
Bill Knott self-published some amazing volumes and would send them to the Sarah Lawrence graduate office. I would read them in that building’s library. Are they still there?

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
Kitty Levin née Scherbatskaya. Or maybe she’s who I want to be. I love when she pushes up her ballgown sleeves and tends to Levin’s brother–it doesn’t matter that he has TB, she’s there to help.

Last time you lied:
Anytime someone asks if I’m based in NY and it would be too much trouble to correct them, so I nod “yes.”

The lie:
It’s New Jersey. I live in New Jersey and I am from New Jersey.  In fact, I misread the above as “The Last Lie I Told”, a favorite Saves the Day song.

Question you secretly want to be asked:
Would you like free violin lessons, so you can get really good at that beautiful instrument in your room that you played when you were little?

The answer:



Lauren Hilger is the author of Lady Be Good (CCM, 2016.) Awarded the Nadya Aisenberg Fellowship from the MacDowell Colony, where she was a fellow in 2012 and 2014, her work has been chosen for Harvard Review Online’s Poetry Pick and has appeared in Gulf Coast, Kenyon Review Online, and Massachusetts Review, among other journals. She serves as a poetry editor for No Tokens.