Tabs open on your screen right now:
my therapist’s website, my psychiatrist’s website, a video of a space-x rocket exploding, a buzzfeed listicle of baby animal GIFs that i looked at last night to help with anxiety before bed
If you had to brag about yourself:
i have really strong, long and flexible toes. men with foot fetishes LOVE me

Your writer crush:
sylvia plath, always

Favorite lyric:
“i hope i lie and tell everyone you were a good wife. and i hope you die. i hope we both die.” from no children by the mountain goats

Any place in the world:
my bed

Best breakfast:
eggs benedict, because i like my eggs smothered in egg sauce

Favorite online places right now:
anywhere that has videos of baby pandas i can watch to calm myself when i feel a panic attack coming on

Your rituals (writing or not):
my skincare ritual is the only one i follow regularly. it goes like this: cleanser (every day), exfoliate (every other day), toner (every day), eye cream (im not rly sure what the point of eye cream is so i only use it like 2x per week) and moisturizer (every day)

Least impressive thing about you:
i have naturally brown hair and i always have

Favorite space to write:
my bed

What should we know:
koalas get high when they eat eucalyptus and experience withdrawal symptoms when they don’t, which is why they switch from calm to aggressive so quickly

Guilty literary pleasure:
i don’t really believe in ‘guilty pleasures’. i dont feel guilty for enjoying any book. i read a lot of young adult, sci-fi and crime thriller/mystery novels that a lot of people might view as ‘guilty pleasures’ though. i loved the twilight series, for example. right now i am reading a book called ‘the killer next door’ that is extremely good so far.

Best book nobody talks about:
bed by tao lin

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
probably ilana from broad city

Last time you lied:
i lied in that last question.

The lie:
i relate more to this 900 pound man i saw in a reality show on bravo than i relate to ilana from broad city

Question you secretly want to be asked:
how strong and flexible are your toes?

The answer:
extremely strong and flexible

MIRA GONZALEZ [b. 1992] is a writer from Los Angeles, California

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