Tabs open on your screen right now:
cosmonaut avenue website ( 😉 )
a pdf of a chapbook by astrid lorange from sod press
an article by dorothea lasky called ‘A BELIEF IN GHOSTS: POETRY AND THE SHARED IMAGINATION’
scum mag article about the u.s. election

a youtube search ‘homer humming innner monologue

If you had to brag about yourself:
I’ve been known to wear a hat well.

Your writer crush(es):
Hera Lindsay Bird + Zoe Dzunko.

Favorite lyric:
“This feeling doesn’t go away
I feel it moving through me
I want a love I had inside
Want to feel it moving through me
In dreams I’m moving through heavy water
The love is enormous its lifting me up
I’d rather be sleeping
I’d rather fall into tidal waves
right where the deepest currents flow”
– Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping by Grouper

Any place in the world:
Titirangi, NZ.

Best breakfast:
I like all the breakfast foods.

Favorite online places right now:
Where ever I get to talk to my friends who live in different places.

Sweetest thing:
Different types of animals being friends, for e.g. goose and dog.

Your rituals (writing or not):
Wake and despair.

Least impressive thing about you:
See: Q2 (hats).

Favorite space to write:
My bed.

What should we know:
Apples are my favourite fruit because I value practicality.

Guilty literary pleasure:
I don’t have any? I feel really guilty that I couldn’t get through My Brilliant Friend though.

Best book nobody talks about:
The Pulp Vs. The Throne by Carrie Lorig. It is everything.

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
It’s rare that I relate to any fictional character, but the last one I can remember is Ruthie from Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. (“A solitary and sensitive child, Ruthie becomes a tall, gangly young woman who admits that she has “never distinguished readily between thinking and dreaming.””)

Last time you lied:
This morning.

The lie:
My boss asked me how I was and I said ‘good’. It was 7am, I can’t feel good that early.


STACEY TEAGUE is a poet from NZ, currently living in Sydney, Australia. She has a full length poetry collection, ‘takahē’ (Scrambler Books, 2014), and a chapbook, ‘not a casual solitude’ (Ghost City Press, 2016). Twitter: https://twitter.com/staceteague / Website: http://staceyteague.com/