Tabs open on your screen right now:
i honestly have so many open in two different browsers, these are just the ones i can see:

ASOS, Miista, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LA Review of books

If you had to brag about yourself:
My fall wardrobe is lit & ready to go, my skin care routine is better than ever, and my chapbook NERVS just came out with Horse Less Press

Your writer crush:
Simone White

Favorite lyric:
The entirety of Miracle Aligner by The Last Shadow Puppets

Any place in the world:
My back porch

Best breakfast:
coffee, toast, eggs, avocado

Favorite online places right now:
um, YouTube–kind of tired of being online though

Sweetest thing:
When friends send you funny memes that made them think of you

Your rituals (writing or not):
telling myself to journal
buying new planners well before the new year
putting on my pants only after I’ve finished my makeup

Least impressive thing about you:
My nails are always breaking, I flake on plans often or I’m always late

Favorite space to write:
Cafes with accessible outlets
My desk at home

What should we know:
Self care can be a difficult and expensive thing, but WOW do i love a good bath bomb

Guilty literary pleasure:
fan fic—i’ll read a book-length fan fic faster than i’ll read a book-length book

Best book nobody talks about:
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

Character (TV, book, movie) you most identify with:
Tulip from Preacher and Juvia from Fairy Tail

Last time you lied:
At the hairdresser

The lie:
I was happy with the job done on my hair

Question you secretly want to be asked:
What’s your favorite emoji set & why?

The answer:

because i’m nosy


STEPHON LAWRENCE is a Brooklyn born & based writer, and artist. She is a graduate of the MFA in Writing at Pratt Institute and is an editor of The Felt, a journal of otherworldly poetics. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in Gandy Dancer, Cosmonauts Avenue, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Glitter Mob, The Fem, and AADOREE. Her chapbook, NERVS, is available from Horse Less Pres. Stephon spends her free time watching anime, yelling about white supremacy, and being real cute for the ‘gram. You can find her on twitter @nnohpetss.