Thank you to the ?? Super Flower Moon ?? for this big and bright new super issue. This is our first issue of the year, the longest we’ve ever gone without publishing. We turned five years old in January, but over the past year our editorial team has run into several unforeseen personal difficulties and changeovers which impacted our ability to put out monthly issues (or celebrate!). In an effort to make up for lost time we will be publishing work every week this month to extend our moon-gazing. We’re excited to share the thoughtful, daring, and bold work of our contributors—work that recharges and renews us in this time of distance and uncertainty.

We want to thank our contributors, readers, friends and everyone who donated to our Kickstarter for your patience, support, and love. We fully accept responsibility for our growing pains during these tumultuous times. As we navigate the new COVID-19 world, our main goal is to keep lines of communication open, accurate, and honest. Rest assured that if you’ve ordered an anthology through donation or the pre-sale, you will be receiving it. If you’re wondering about the status of your submission, you will be hearing from us shortly. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us at ?

In light of the pandemic, we’re also extending the 2020 Fiction Prize deadline to ‪May 25th.‬ Since we are an entirely volunteer based non-profit, prize submission fees pay for our winners, our lovely judges, and all other associated costs with running a journal. But these are unprecedented times so if you cannot afford the entry fee please email us at with your submission, no questions asked.

Stay safe. Stay home. We love you. ?

Looking skyward,
The CA Editors