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YOLANDI CRUZ GUERRO hails from the galactic caribbean, from Kiskeya, “La Bella,” mostly known as, the Dominican Republic. Living as an undocumented immigrant from the age of six to fifteen positioned her as an undetected body. Wandering through American streets without recognition informed her commitment to seeking the sovereignty in doubt and therefore writing poetry that attends to the lives of documented and undocumented immigrants. When she found herself positioned as a thief breaking into English with the axe of her tongue, she vowed to weave playwriting, poetry, book arts thus break into English the way it was broken into her. She is a bookmaker, Writer, Poet, Performance Artist. Editor for Books of Hopes, Translator for Citizen, An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine. Additionally, founder of Luna Productions an interdisciplinary publishing house that weaves through creating materials for events to book making that ranges from an inventory based and personalized stock.

She began to write against the grain of the history that produced her closer to object than subject with the objective that other writers, black, queer and immigrant, would not have to break themselves to be validated in a poetic literary world. Having created artistic pieces across Havana, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the United States, she pursues projects in a variety of geographical terrain. Engaging with writers like Ntozake Shange, Josefina Baez and Sonia Sanchez has encouraged her to experiment with structure through non-linear dramatic patterns and interweaving of poetry, drama, dance, and music. Presenting a utilization of unconventional spellings, use of Black vernacular, Spanglish, Spanish, and layering of geographies are integral to my praxis of reorienting the reader. She hopes her poetry can offer a site, to investigate systematic injuries alongside an opportunity towards healing.